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We are looking for churches, Bible studies, or other groups who would like to participate in a Change for Life Baby Bottle Campaign.

Baby bottles filled with coins, cash, and checks can be collected to support the PRC's life-saving ministry. Participating is EASY! We'll provide you with all you need.

Here is a step-by-step campaign for churches (you can also adapt these instructions for other types of groups):

1. Call the PRC at 425-339-2175 to let us know that you would like to have a Baby Bottle Campaign. Let us know how many baby bottles you need. A representative from the PRC will drop off the bottles at a time most convenient to you or you can pick them up!

2. Baby bottles are to be distributed on a Sunday and collected four weeks later (or at the time most convenient for your church).

3. The method you use to distribute the bottles will be determined by your church. Be creative!

4. We believe the most effective way to distribute the bottles is for the pastor to describe the promotion from the pulpit, tell the members about the work of the PRC, and have volunteers stationed at each exit from the worship center to distribute the bottles at the conclusion of the service. However, some churches choose to distribute them through Bible study classes, and that also works well. It is very helpful to have at least one volunteer coordinate the promotion, distribution and collection of the baby bottles.

5. Determine a secure location for members to return the baby bottles.

6. Be careful lifting the filled baby bottles as they will be very heavy!

7. A representative from the PRC will collect the bottles at the time most convenient for your church.

Promotion of a Change for Life Campaign

The following are some suggestions on how your church (or organization) might promote a Change for Life Baby Bottle Campaign...

  1. Hang the flyers and posters in prominent locations in the church. 
  2. Set up an attractive display using the large baby bottle provided. Other items you might use are teddy bears, dolls, baby blankets, etc. 
  3. Announce the Campaign at church services each week if possible!
Andrew Woodyard, Partnership Development Director
Phone:425-339-2175 ext. 108