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Our 28th Annual Fundraising Gala, offered the opportunity to celebrate the Lord's work in Snohomish County and the successes of the clients and families we serve.


We were blessed to have Pastor Herbert H. Lusk, II as our guest speaker.  Pastor Lusk brought an inspiring message of hope to all those in attendance.

Who is Pastor Herbert H. Lusk, II?

Pastor Herbert H. Lusk, II has been surrounded by the Word of God and the Spirit of the Holy Ghost since he was a young child growing up in Memphis, Tennessee. From Memphis to Monterey to Philadelphia, Pastor Lusk has committed himself ever-increasingly to the service of those in need: the jobless, the homeless, the hungry, and those in prison. He eventually left his position as the “Praying Tail Back” on the Philadelphia Eagles to become Pastor to an inner city church in an impoverished area which needed his vision, his heart and his dedication to survive. he knows how to ignite the Holy Spirit!

In answer to the enormous need for counseling and support services for women and men facing unexpected or crisis pregnancies, Pastor Lusk has renovated a building into the new Hope Center in Philadelphia. Here, alternatives to abortion will be made available and families will be strengthened and encouraged during times of pregnancy-related stress.