Class Instructor

Department: Expecting Miracles

Reports to: Expecting Miracles Director


GENERAL DESCRIPTION: The Expecting Miracles Volunteer Instructor at the PRC is a regularly scheduled volunteer who teaches a 7-week class series on birth and baby care, with 2 weeks to 2 months off in between series. This position requires a significant level of commitment to mastering the material taught, as well as a genuine passion for helping others acquire information and skills regarding birth and baby care. Experience in and/or a natural flair for teaching is extremely beneficial.



ESSENTIAL DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITES Include the following. Other duties may be assigned.

  • Minimum one-year commitment, of which the first 6 months is a training period.

  • Master information and skills related to the subject areas taught.

  • Arrive before students on class night; set up classroom and help to welcome students.

  • Teach classes using curriculum (partially scripted) and materials provided.

  • Be available for questions after class; follow up on questions via email as needed.

  • Attend quarterly training/brainstorming meetings.

  • Attend biannual baby reunions for class students.

  • Occasionally respond to emails from students outside of class nights.

  • Maintain skills and knowledge with ongoing continuing education (opportunities provided).







  • One shift per week (One year commitment unless otherwise discussed with Expecting Miracles Director)

  • Three Volunteer In-Service Meetings per year