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Every time a child is born, a mother is created. In creation’s plan, every baby has a mother who has the capacity to love and cherish her child, an indispensable part of God’s design for her baby’s life and development. As God’s plan is fulfilled, new mothers blossom, realizing new responsibilities to love, teach, and nurture their child.


It takes $1,200 to save a baby and encourage a mother, when all of our services and programs are utilized.

Through a generous donor, every gift between Mother’s and Father’s Day will be matched up to $20,000!


Last year our Mother's Day campaign raised over $110,000, which represents 90 babies saved!

This year we're praying to save 100 babies!


Together we will love, teach, and support these new mothers and their precious babies. Here are few ways your congregation can get involved:


Each year the PRC raises significant funds toward programming through the coins, cash, and checks returned in baby bottles.

Get your church signed up today! And remember, every bottle has been tested, it will hold a $100 bill.


Consider honoring Moms by taking up a Special Offering on Mother's Day. The financial gifts your church collects will be used to bless local moms in need.


Consider hosting a baby shower to collect much needed items for our clients, all while enjoying the joy of fellowship and the celebration of new life.To inspire you, we have created this Amazon registry* in hopes of blessing our families with practical gifts that tie into what they are learning about in class. For example, we teach about the benefits of baby wearing and encourage families to find carriers that will enable them to bond and comfort their baby while multitasking. This is why you will see carriers at the top of our list of most requested items.

*Please register with Amazon Smile to have Amazon donate a portion of your purchase back to the PRC.


The Baby Boutique can go through as many as 25,000 diapers a year.Help replenish our shelves by coordinating and hosting a diaper drive

in your church lobby or at the entrance of your favorite grocery store.



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