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Behind every mom is a family. That family may not be perfectly intact or beautifully cohesive, but they are there, and they are important for the support and wellbeing of the mom.


We love to see family involved in the support of a mom, especially those coming into the role unexpectantly. At the PRC we don’t just engage, inform, and educate mom, but everyone around mom. A well supported mom can lead to a stronger family.


Your partnership with the PRC this Mother’s Day will help support moms and strengthen families. This Mother’s Day we encourage you to:

  • Host a Baby Bottle Campaign at your church – we’ll show you how and walk with you through the whole event.

  • Take a special offering to support the programs of the Clinic.

  • Host a PRC representative* or show a PRC video.


*Limited availability

Baby bottles

Host a Baby Bottle Campaign with

your congregation.


Check out this collection of videos to share with your congregation as you promote the ministry.

Mother's day offering

Take up a special Mother’s Day Offering at your church.

   **Please click “Read More” and fill out the form to let us know in advance that your church will take up a special offering.**

Host a prc speaker

Depending on availability, we will provide a PRC speaker to share about the ministry.