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S-L-E-D: Easy acronym for pro-life apologetics.

This year at the Pregnancy Resource Center’s annual fundraising gala, we welcomed a very special guest as our speaker: Scott Klusendorf. Scott is a pro-life apologist and president of Life Training Institute, where he equips people like us to stand up for life. He travels around the country to help pregnancy centers like ours raise money to assist women and families facing unplanned pregnancies. In Scott’s presentation, he shared with us logical ethics in a way that make it easy to share with those who do or do not share the same faith.

Scott stated, “As a nation, we are debating on one question: who counts as ‘one of us?’ Do the differences between us and fetuses determine death?” To answer this, he gave us four points to look at when comparing a fetus to an adult, or even a newborn – he gave us these points using the acronym, “S-L-E-D.”

Size: Are large people more human than small people? Do men (who are larger beings on average) deserve more rights than women?

Level of development: Some would argue that a fetus is not self-aware or doesn’t have a fully functioning brain. If self-awareness / intelligence is what determines a human, then our lives are on a bell-curve of humanhood. We start out with very little self-awareness, grow into our awareness peak mid-life, and towards the end of our lives become less self-aware again. Some would also argue that the anatomy of a fetus isn’t the same as an adult. A 4-year-old girl’s reproductive organs aren’t fully developed yet, should we see her as less of a person than the 14-year-old girl whose reproductive organs are functioning?

Environment: How does where you are have bearing on who you are? Whether in the mother’s womb or outside of it – location doesn’t determine the fetus’ humanhood. How does an 8 inch birth canal determine who you are, if an adult can travel from New York to Tokyo and still have the same value and be the same person?

Degree of dependency: Yes, the fetus is dependent on the mother to survive. There are people who are dependent on many things in order to live: diabetics need insulin, those with heart issues may have a pacemaker, etc. These things have never determined humanhood.

What Scott equipped us with is simple, yet powerful – something we can take with us every day and be ready to have those meaningful, logical conversations with those around us.

For more information on Scott Klusendorf and the Life Training Institute, visit

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