Meet The Staff

Crystal Avent


I have worked at PRC since 2016. I am blessed to work with amazing people who love the Lord and have a heart for our community. 


I absolutely love volunteering as Co-Coordinator for MOPS (Mothers of Preschoolers) at New Life Church and I enjoy watching my little girls dance!

Elisa Dos Santos

Staff Nurse

I have been with the PRC since May of 2015. I am blessed to be one of the  nurses on staff who performs pregnancy tests, shares options counseling with clients, and completes medical administrative tasks.

Outside of work, I am a piano teacher as well as a mommy to a busy toddler boy. I enjoy being physically active and spending time with family.

Malora Forrey


The Lord brought me to the PRC in July of 2016. I love working together with staff and volunteers to be Jesus’ hands extended to young men and women who find themselves in a position they never expected. It’s a joy to know that we can provide hope, unconditional love and acceptance and tangible resources in this situation. For the first time ever, I love coming to work every day.


Outside of work I love to spend time with my husband, Steve, my children and grandchildren, speak at women’s retreats, quilt, read and travel.

Dr. Gina Cadena-Forney

Volunteer Medical Director


Stephanie Ritchey

Executive Assistant

I began my PRC adventure in the fall of 2017, and I love being here, where people in need of unconditional love and acceptance can come and find support.  My role is more behind the scenes, and I have incredible respect for all of our staff who get to work with our clients every day.  I also love getting to tell people where I work and how awesome it is to work in such a positive environment every day.

Outside of work I love spending time with my husband and girls.  We love adventures and enjoy time on the coast and camping in the mountains.  God uses those times to recharge and refresh my heart.


Krista Scheffler

Nurse Manager

I started at PRC in May of 2016. I love working at PRC because of the people that I work with and the clients that I care for. 


My favorite thing to do outside of work is spend time with my family and friends.

Beth Graef

Marketing Director

I began my PRC adventure in 2006 with a hope and a prayer that God knew what He was doing, since I certainly didn't! I have loved the many facets of the ministry I have had the opportunity to explore and the growth each has brought to me. I love serving God in this unique way and bringing hope and encouragement to women who think there is none. I love being a part of a team that is truly like a family. 


Outside of the office, I love running, spending time with my family, traveling and exploring, and cheering on our Seahawks.

Lisa Maritz

Financial Services Manager

My journey started at PRC in February of  2018.  I am so thrilled and blessed to be working with a team of staff & volunteer's that loves the Lord and believe in what they do.  


Outside of work I love hiking and backpacking on the weekends with my husband and 3 sons.  I also love being involved in  my kids  boy scouts and sports.


Serena Sherman

Expecting Miracles Director

I came to the PRC, in 2006, to volunteer as a doula for teens. I was roped into teaching, despite my fears and discomfort.  I love teaching, I love watching families build confidence and become empowered to advocate for themselves and their children. It was a joy, all those years as an instructor, just showing up and doing what I loved. As director, I have the responsibility of setting up our volunteers for that same joy. It’s an honor to work here with some of the most supportive, encouraging and wonderful people I know. 


My favorite thing outside of supporting families is swimming and being creative.

I began at the PRC in 2011. I love hearing why our ministry partners are involved and feel passionate about the cause for life and ministry of PRC, and I love hearing how lives, physical and spiritual, are saved through the ministry. 


Outside of work, I love hanging out with my wife Claire; I would rather spend time with her than anyone I have ever met in my life. 

I started my journey with the PRC in 2015. I’m originally from Colombia and after medical school graduation in 2001, I moved to the USA. I moved to Snohomish in 2006 after completing my specialty training and since then I have been practicing Family Medicine with Providence Medical Group.


We moved to the Pacific NW because my husband Dale is originally from Portland, OR. We have two boys, Nico & Mateo, attend Northshore Christian Church in Everett ,and have a special interest in missions to Latin America as we are all fluent in Spanish. We also love sports, family time and traveling.


I feel honored by the opportunity to serve at the PRC and see how God is at work right here in my community.

Andrew Woodyard

Development Director