Volunteer Qualifications

In order to be a good witness for the Lord and to provide the best possible service to our patients, PRC is looking to see the following qualities active in the lives and hearts of its volunteer staff.


  • Is a committed Christian who demonstrates a personal relationship with Jesus Christ as their Savior and Lord.

  • Exhibits a strong commitment and dedication to the sanctity of all human life.

  • Faithfully attends church and is in fellowship with other believers.

  • Fully agrees with the PRC Mission Statement, Statement of Faith, Statement of Principle, and all Policies and Procedures set forth by the Board of Directors of PRC.

  • Is willing to relate to and respect all clients equally, without bias.

  • Can respect and keep information confidential.

  • Is dependable, stable, and capable of following through with commitments.

  • Has a sincere desire to reach out with the love of Jesus to people in distress.

  • Is willing to attend and complete the necessary training/studying to be prepared to serve.

  • Is open and teachable with the attitude of a team player.

  • Is willing to work, side by side, with believers from a variety of denominations and doctrinal points of view.

  • Committed to sexual purity, abstinent if single, and faithful to their spouse if married. 

  • Is willing to take ownership and responsibility for PRC ministry as an extension of the Body of Christ in our community.

  • Is willing to allow their life to be transformed by the Lord as they serve PRC.




A volunteer is anyone who provides time and talent to PRC through clerical work, clothing, reception, nursing, etc. We thank you, and all volunteers, for the personal investment you make in our organization and its mission. We strive to provide support, supervision, and recognition to our volunteers.


As a volunteer, you have the right to:

  • Be assigned appropriate tasks according to ability, skill, interests, availability, and training.

  • Receive training and supervision for the appropriate role.

  • Receive a job description for your assigned role .

  • Job performance reviews. 

  • Be treated as a fellow team member who contributes to PRC goals through your volunteer work.

  • Make suggestions about your role and the PRC volunteer program, and be acknowledged by staff.

  • Expect that PRC be a good steward of your time.

  • Be given appropriate expressions of appreciation and recognition.

  • Be trusted with confidential information if needed to help carry out your assignments.

  • Expect that records will be kept; documenting areas of interest or positions held (and, if applicable, time spent volunteering, commendation, etc.).

  • Be treated with a spirit of friendliness and cooperation so that PRC will continue to be known as a “great place to volunteer.”

  • A safe and inviting environment to work that is free of harassment and discrimination.


PRC expects volunteers to:

  • Know their own duties and stay on task.

  • Cooperate with staff and their fellow volunteers, and maintain a team attitude.

  • Voice their opinions and contribute their suggestions to improve PRC work.

  • Be on time for scheduled meetings and work assignments.

  • Honor their commitment and come when scheduled.

  • Treat all volunteers and staff with respect.



Time Commitment:

  • One year, four hours per week in the center (for many volunteer positions).

  • A two-hour volunteer in-service three times per year.

  • A willingness to assist with fundraisers, awareness events, and any other various events when available.


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