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Feeling Crafty?

Do you know your way around a sewing machine?

We love being able to bless families with your crafty blessings. 

Nursing Covers

Nursing covers help encourage mothers to meet the needs of their infants by enabling them to nurse comfortably in public. We love that we can educate women on the many benefits of breastfeeding and then bless them with a practical tool to assist. This cover is fantastic, as it doubles as an infinity scarf.

Sleep Sacks

Many of our patients have been leaving class with a donor-made sleep sack. These awesome sacks are wearable blankets that take away the concern of loose bedding and keep baby warm at the same time. For some of our patients living in transitional housing, blankets aren’t even allowed in the baby’s sleeping area. That means that these sleep sacks are their only option for warmth.

Baby Shoes

How cute are itty-bitty baby shoes? We’ve had some pretty adorable homemade shoes come into the Clinic and we are in love! Parents love putting their babies in shoes because they are adorable. What they are not, is practical. Your typical flat-bottomed, hard sole shoes are the worst thing for a baby’s developing feet. As they grow, and learn to walk, they rely on feeling the ground beneath them. This is why we love these soft shoes. Warmth, protection, and flexibility in two tiny shoes.​

Do you need some more inspiration?

Starting a project can be daunting. Check out our Pinterest profile to find some more inspiration. We have fabric ideas, crafting options, patterns, and more!

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