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Department: Medical

Reports to: Nurse Manager



GENERAL DESCRIPTION:  The volunteer pregnancy test nurse’s role is to work collaboratively with the patient advocate to offer a team approach of care during the initial pregnancy options appointment by performing the pregnancy test as a trained medical professional.


ESSENTIAL DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES Include the following. Other duties may be assigned.

  • Maintains current knowledge of PRC medical policies and procedures.

  • Follows the medical director’s standing orders.

  • Has completed PRC pregnancy test training with renewal each year.

  • Assures compliance with infection control guidelines.

  • Completes assigned tasks in an efficient and timely manner.

  • Models a spiritually disciplined life.

  • Consults with nurse manager, patient services director or manager, and volunteers about particular patient situations according to HIPAA guidelines.

  • Participates in scheduled volunteer in-service meetings.

  • Provides health education for each patient's questions or concerns, and refers patients to appropriate medical services as needed.

  • Completes appropriate medical documentation according to PRC charting guidelines.



  • Meets briefly with patient advocate prior to appointment to review patient's intake information and discuss a plan for responding to patient's stated concerns.

  • Follows the appropriate linear service model according to patient's intentions and uses approved nurse dialogue to explain test results.

  • Is familiar with the PRC approved resources, brochures, and referrals that the patient advocate may recommend to patients.

  • Uses the pregnancy wheel to provide the estimated GA and EDD on the verification of pregnancy form.

  • Signs nursing assessment, nurse notes, verification of pregnancy statement, and discharge summary.





The nurse commits to a consistent number of volunteer hours per week and is usually scheduled on the same days, and at the same time each week to ensure nurse coverage for all shifts. The volunteer is urged to notify the nurse manager as soon as possible if unable to cover the assigned volunteer time.

  • One shift per week (One year commitment unless otherwise discussed with Nurse Manager)

  • Three Volunteer In-Service Meetings per year

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